Micheal Grin Dot Com and the Evolution of Hate

Ladies and gentlemen,

After spending much of my day fighting and struggling with shit I don’t understand, I now have a website. On it you will find my author bio, information on my novel Princess Nonomi, a sample of said book AND a free short story.

In upcoming days, there will be more short stories available for download. The files are free and formatted as a PDF.

Check it out and pass the word on.


FURTHERmore, it has been decided by my patience and tolerance that I will not continue with my separate blog over on blogspot. What’s the point? Why would I need two blogs when I already have one here?
See, the original idea was that I would have one blog for author stuff and interviews or reviews. The other one was to be a journal of some sort where I can publicly rant about the little things in life that render me insane.

Why bother? Why submit myself to such pointless efforts to divide who I am with who I propably should be? It seems like a waste of time to me. Honestly, what would be the purpose of doing so when I end up linking my other blog through this one? You want to know what’s on my mind, I don’t think I need to hide it on some dummy website just to protect people from my opinions. I’m not paid to care and I’m not hampered by judgement.

This site will be my journal.  I won’t shy away from who Micheal Grin is.


That is all for now.



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