Into The Halls (About The Author)

Welcome to my wordpress blog. My name is Micheal Grin, and I am an author by want, by need. I write what would come to mind after a long day of being repressed, of slaughter and carnage. Of society destroying itself, of the people within it. Of poor girls who are confused and troubled, of men who are sure of themselves and believe they are right when they raise an axe. Of the victims cowering underneath them. I wish to push boundaries and share a love of over the top horror with eyes everywhere. Or is it over the top, to consider the dregs of our society as a horror story? You tell me.

I hail from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I live with my wife and my two dogs.

I use the internet for inspiration and to attempt to be less anti-social. Human contact is important – or so they say.

I like to read, write and keep unmarked bags of unidentified things in my basement. Enter at your own risk.


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